My professional experience spans across +14 years with complex IT projects and technologies for businesses and enterprises, working with best practices to achieve business objectives through correct architecture and integration of IT systems of any level. The main focus of my professional technology consulting activity still is on obtaining increased enterprise productivity and value working with best practices to achieve the business objectives through IT systems, and also was for the following employers and/or professional clients.

Gained strong hands-on experience and knowledge in the fields of enterprise IT solutions architecture (EITA) and integration (hardware, enterprise software and communications), enterprise IT strategic analysis, consulting, planning, optimization and change, risk management and security. Enterprise IT solution technical project management, budgeting and cost control through all phases: need-analysis-architecture-design-development-test-mplementation-integration-delivery-production-happy.

Over the time I had also the opportunity to successfully participate on important and complex B2B and B2G IT projects. On all projects mentioned below I occupied the main role as lead technical/enterprise solution architect assuring correct architecture and integration of the designed solution/system. On largest projects I also filled in the position of technical project manager, making sure the technology is implemented as designed, on schedule and project hand-over is done properly to the customer.

Experience Summary

14 Years (2001-2014) – IT Solution Architecture and Technology Consultancy (B2B & B2G)

Over my +14 years professional activity period I gained proficient solution architecture and technology consultancy skills in the fields of Business-oriented IT Solutions and Systems, Enterprise IT Hardware and Communications Infrastructure and Virtualization, Productivity Solutions and Applications, Web Portals, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Communications, IP Telephony and VoIP, Enterprise Social Networking, etc.

In the role of solution architect and technology consultant, I delivered solution HLDs, LLDs, presentations and technology consulting services, combining best-value-for-solution technologies according to project/customer needs and integration requirements.

12 Years (2002-2014) – Technical Project Management (B2B & B2G)

At implementation level/phase of almost all IT projects architected/designed, I leaded technical teams and filled in the position of technical project manager, making sure the technology is implemented as designed, on schedule and project hand-over and training is done properly to the beneficiary.

10 YEARS (2004-2014) – Products and Solutions Research & Development (B2B & B2G)

Done research for new and improved business and enterprise IT solutions for sales and marketing departments. Was in charge for continual solutions and services improvement for every new project/idea implemented, in-between projects and also in the managed services activities/duties.

10 YEARS (2002-2012) – Web-based Software Development (B2B, Outsourcing)

PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / CSS / HTML Web-based software development (Intranet Applications, Online Presence and Online Marketing tools, Content Management Systems, e-Commerce Platforms) and graphic design (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator) for websites, posters, flyers, brochures, logos, products, etc. Also leaded teams of developers for large projects.

Projects Portfolio

2013-2014  Data Integration and Business Intelligence (multi-million EUR, B2B)

Based on Teradata 2700 database appliance, IBM DataStage data integration software solution and MicroStrategy Business Intelligence and Reporting technologies, the localization of the DWH solution (initially developed and maintained by UniCredit group, Austria) was an ambitious initiative to bring to Romania (Unicredit Tiriac Bank Headquarters Data center, Bucharest) the entire complex but outdated solution, without the full support from initial designers, on a new modern infrastructure and also to further develop and upgrade the solution to improve its performance.

My roles on the project were lead technical solution architect and implementation team leader, designing the whole project solution architecture, coordinating the implementation and working directly with all technologies involved in the project (IBM servers, storage and backup hardware, Cisco networking, Teradata 2700 database appliance, Linux/AIX/Windows Server operating systems, VMware vSphere virtualization, IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Connect::Direct, MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Server, etc).

All the project goals were achieved successfully through all team hard work and collaboration on all levels (optimizing the hardware and communications infrastructure, upgrading DW and DMs data architecture, redesigning and optimizing around 7K DataDtage jobs and scheduling plan, developing new solutions and connectors for staging data collection, optimizing the reporting solution optimizing the complete hardware and communications infrastructure).

The project was not a copy/paste one, many challenges appeared and were solved, new innovative ideas and concepts became reality. After less than one year (9 months) of hard work the project was successfully finalized and went live in production, according to the plan and budget.

2014  Regional Emergency Situations Management Systems (multi-million EUR, B2G)

Lead solution architect role for 3 large projects based on complex emergency and risk management software integrated with professional GIS and reporting solutions, collaborative enterprise web portals, computing hardware, data center design, communications infrastructure (including data, voice and TETRA radio, and alarm sirens).

2014  Regional Public Infrastructure Management Systems (multi-million EUR, B2G)

Lead solution architect role for 2 large projects based on complex software development and data capture solutions (sensors and SCADA controllers, communications, alarms), COTS software integration (databases including DW, ETL, BI and Reporting, professional and customized GIS solutions, enterprise web portals) for managing large scale (national-wide) water infrastructures (from water dams to irrigation canals).

2014  County-wide Public Administration Integrated Systems (+million EUR, B2G)

Lead solution architect role for more than 10 projects based on modern public administration ERP, document management and database (including DW, ETL, BI and Reporting) solutions and public enterprise web portals for citizen information, developed in collaboration with software development partners; modern computing hardware and communications infrastructure, data center design.

2013  Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Systems (+200K EUR, B2B & B2G)

Technical solution architect role for 5 BI Projects based on Data Warehouse staging (ETL) and BI solutions built around Microsoft SQL 2012 Server BI and DW stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 portal reporting dashboards and forecasting scripts for clients in financial (banking) and public sectors.

Managed services: was also in charge of support, continuous development, integration and management of beneficiary’s business intelligence systems, database and portal servers.

2012-2013  Mobile-ready Unified Communications Cloud Platform (+100k EUR, owner, B2B)

MOBILE-OFFICE.ro project aimed to be the first, best and localized (Romania based) mobility-enabled Unified Communications and Collaboration next-generation service delivery platform offered as a hosted and MOBILE-ready UCaaS solution for SMBs and SMEs in Romania. I had the main task to manage and supervise the entire development of the project technical solution based on CommuniGate UCC platform and transform it into a cloud-based mobile-ready solution.

As lead solution architect I was responsible for all aspects of technical development of the UCC platform by coordinating the internal and external team. Leaded the design and development of the technical solution infrastructure (servers, storage, communications, backup and recovery, operating systems, software applications), of service strategy, service design, and service operation.

I’ve coordinated the POC service delivery testing scenarios and benchmarking; managed and monitored the cloud infrastructure and the platform’s servers under testing scenarios. I’ve coordinated and managed the technical relations with external partners and independent providers of products and services (fixed and mobile telephony, mobile handsets, mobile internet access and cloud hosting). Done R&D for continual service improvement.

As project/business owner, I also held all financial responsibility and management for the POC development, and for service development and operation, including revenue, utilization and margin. As final result of the project, the whole team provided a full working POC of the technical solution and a full business plan for stakeholders and investors, as we thought it was the most efficient/profitable cloud mobile-enabled UCC solution.

2007-2012  VoIP and Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions (>25K EUR, B2B)

My primary role was to design and customize for every customer/project of IP-based voice/data communications a solution suitable for stand-alone or cloud hosted deployments. The solutions implemented ranged from small-to-large smart IP PBXs based on Asterisk VoIP PBX – to enterprise-grade IP-based solutions for digital and mobile-ready unified communications: email, instant messaging, presence, collaboration tools, VoIP telephony with PSTN/GSM integration, SMS, audio/video conferencing, etc).

Business development in Joint Venture with Modulo Consulting: I’ve also established long-term commercial and support partnership with CommuniGate Systems (USA) to provide in the local market its industry leading, Unified Communication products and solutions, unifying all forms of communica-tions into one platform to help businesses become more productive, efficient and competitive.

I’ve worked with the technical (internal and outsourced) team for testing scenarios of the UC solution implementations (stand-alone on premise vs. hosted); Benchmarked and monitored VPS/VDS (different hosting providers) and cloud (VMware vCloud and Amazon EC2) implementations. Configured and tested UC installs; As Unified Communications Specialist I developed all needed skills in order to plan, coordinate and manage all project activities to develop and integrate business and enterprise-level unified communications solutions.

2008-2009  National-wide customer fidelity integrated system (+200K EUR, B2B, B2C)

The project requirements were for a national-wide integrated computing and communications system for a unique and open loyalty marketing program (barcode members cards) with real-time highly secured value transactions (earning, collecting and spending loyalty points) done by card owners at various points of presence of the project beneficiary (3rd-party merchants/distributors).

As lead solution architect, business analyst and technical implementation project manager, I’ve delivered successfully (in less than 3 months) the fully working solution architecture, POC and pilot project, coordinated the software development team, data and service center implementation, integration and testing, field technical implementation (merchants and beneficiary).

2004-2010  Integrated Business Systems and Managed Services (+100K EUR, B2B)

Lead solution architect, technology and pre-sales consultant, business analyst and technical implementation project manager for projects in the fields of Enterprise IT Infrastructure (computing hardware, storage, backup and recovery, network communications and security), Business Productivity Solutions and Applications, Online Presence and Marketing, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Server Based Computing, IP Telephony and VoIP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Mobile Communications.

Managed services: was in charge of support, continuous development, integration and management of beneficiary’s business information systems and communication infrastructures (convergent voice/data networks, access and security network equipments, application and database servers, computer systems, enterprise software platforms, advanced VoIP telephony communication system, VPN, remote access and virtualization solutions).

For the largest projects developed, I’ve coordinated software development and integration teams (external partners, outsourced), making sure the project and technology is implemented as designed, on schedule and project hand-over and beneficiary training is done properly.

2002-2012  Web-based Software Development Projects (+10K EUR, B2B)

Lead developer (PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / CSS / HTML) and team coordinator for web-based solutions (Intranet Portals and Applications, Online Presence and Websites, Content Management Systems, e-Commerce Platforms, Online Marketing Tools); graphic designer (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator) for websites, posters, flyers, brochures, logos, products, etc.

– Developed proprietary Content Management System (CMS) for websites fast development
– Implemented and integrated content management systems (Joomla) and blogs (WordPress)
– Implemented and integrated online stores (products catalog and order processing) and complete e-commerce solutions with company presentation, product catalog, order processing and online payments (own developed on PHP/MySQL platform, Magento, Avactis, PrestaShop, VirtueMart)