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6 Types of Social Customers

6 Types of Social Customers

The companies are investing in Facebook applications, branded communities and blogs; and many are using online monitoring solutions to listen and see what people are saying about the brand.  And, from this perspective, many companies today are doing a decent job. […] As with all marketing, before we can start adopting and effectively using social […]

The Business of Social Business

The business of social business: Why enterprise social networking works

Social business (enterprise social networking) represents a new transformational opportunity for organizations. After initial forays into external social media, now many companies discover the value of applying social networking approaches, internally as well as externally. Social business can create valued customer experiences, increase workforce productivity and effectiveness and accelerate innovation. But many companies still wrestle […]

The Business of Social Business

Is enterprise social media the new UC?

As businesses realise the importance of external social media for customer engagement, many companies are now discovering the value of applying social approaches internally. Unified communications are evolving towards connected, social communications, providing integrated voice, data and video across organisations. How can these ‘social businesses’ encourage idea sharing, foster engagement and ultimately accelerate innovation? Click […]

UC market watch: A closer look at key vendors’ UC strategies

Movement is a battle of force against inertia, in technology and communications as much as anywhere. The forces driving changes to unified communications (UC) strategies and the UC market itself are working against two specific inertial factors, and the result can be seen by looking at how some of the key UC vendors are reacting […]

More businesses let workers choose or bring their own devices

Throughout the information age, the corporate IT department has stood at the chokepoint of office technology with a firm hand on what equipment and software employees use in the workplace. They are now in retreat. Employees are bringing in the technology they use at home and demanding the IT department accommodate them. The IT department […]