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Cloud Broker

Cloud broker or cloud provider? Or both?

Cloud brokers emerged when enterprises began to consider the cloud for more than just storage. Customers have begun adopting cloud for human resources and sales software and unified communications and collaboration, and the cloud broker helps businesses manage and integrate these disparate cloud services. The cloud broker role also is evolving. While many brokers have […]

BrightTalk Presentation

Hybrid IT and the power of Cloud Computing presentation

Still wondering…? On premise? Outsourced? Dedicated? Cloud Computing? Harness the power of Hybrid Cloud for a true all-of-the-above approach to IT infrastructure! With so much focus on – and hype around – the cloud, we seem to have forgotten that for most businesses IT infrastructure remains a mix of on-premise, outsourced, physical and virtual components […]

Cloud Services Datacenter

Top 6 secrets for developing highly effective cloud services

Stratalux, a Los Angeles, cloud-based managed services company, has put a stake in the ground regarding key considerations for cloud operators and cloud providers who are either in the process of moving toward the cloud, or in the process of optimizing the moves they have already made. The company claims that by following these best […]

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD: Is There a Security Risk?

Embracing a work environment in which employees are able or even encouraged to do company business on their personal phones, tablets, and PCs can improve an organization’s agility and productivity. However, doing so incurs several well-documented risks, not least of which are security breaches. Still, the workforce is increasingly mobile. (In a recent report, Hampshire, […]

Aligning Cloud Infrastructure Within IT Strategy

Aligning cloud infrastructure within your IT strategy

The vast majority of organisations are already or will adopt Cloud Services alongside their existing deployment models, notably on-premise for the foreseeable future. In this keynote, we will explore the principle of implementing, managing and governing why and when cloud is a preferable deployment option and how to manage it alongside your wider IT estate. […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can increase employee productivity and contentment

Every supervisor, manager, or HR officer knows that a content employee is a productive employee. So in this regard many companies implement some form of employee recognition and awarding scheme to facilitate productivity and contentment, and also add some bit of healthy competition –which we know for a fact does not always mean friendly. But […]

Bring Your Own Device

As BYOD trend takes off, cloud providers see opportunity to add value

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is growing, with more businesses allowing employees to use their own smartphones and laptops for work purposes, which presents a big opportunity for cloud service providers to sell the cloud as an alternative to storing company data on personal devices. An increasing number of businesses are removing company-issued […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Virtualization driving business innovation

The need to do more with less fuels the majority of travelers on the High Tech Highway to look for innovative solutions. But what’s driving business innovation? We take a look at how revenue from cost savings and operational efficiency achieved from cloud solutions and virtual environments are enabling businesses to focus on strategy and […]

Learn and Lead

Cloud computing can transform learning activities

The pace of business change is unrelenting in the era of the cloud computing. As businesses adjust to this new world, the learning & development role is becoming increasingly crucial as the number of employees and their associated demands grow in form and complexity. Workplace learning has been highly transformed by the rapid improvement in […]

Security in the Cloud

Security as a Service (SECaaS): Security In the Cloud

During the past 18 months, there has been an exponentially growing trend for technology transfer, infrastructure and applications to the cloud. This offers opportunities to organizations to fundamentally differentiate the delivery and use of business applications and data for their users. The prospect of significant reduction in costs however, results in new challenges regarding the […]

Cloud Downtime

Cloud providers must address top cloud computing issues to succeed in 2013

In addition to the legions of cloud provider startups carving out their places in market, major technology companies such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Google and Apple have also made a big push into cloud services. But after so many high-profile blunders last year, providers have to overcome customers’ concerns to gain mainstream traction in 2013. […]

Unified Communications milestones in 2012: UCaaS

Since its inception, the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market has struggled to attract large enterprise customers, a segment that hasn’t been keen on outsourcing its communications because of security concerns. In 2012, the mind-set of these companies shifted, as larger vendors and service providers started aggressively building hosted and cloud-based unified communications (cloud […]

PaaS Platform as a Service

The future of cloud computing in 2013 is PaaS

By all appearances, 2012 seemed to be a good year for cloud computing. In addition to being the darling of the media for all of last year, the cloud gained a lot of ground in terms of the number of businesses that have adopted cloud computing in some form. But despite this traction, the cloud […]

Integration between cloud UC apps require cloud federation

Cloud-based unified communications (or UCaaS) adoption may have started off slow, but momentum is building as enterprises are more readily signing up with providers like Google for email, and for customer relationship management and collaboration. Just as enterprises need their on-premises phone, videoconferencing and collaboration tools to be integrated for single sign-on functionality and […]

BYOD advantages: Save money, mobilize workers, embrace the cloud

While there are risks, some potentially far-reaching BYOD advantages, such as cost savings and improved mobility, will help BYOD become the norm in corporate end-user device provisioning in the near future. With the rise of the smartphone — driven by the phenomenal success of Android handsets and Apple’s iPhone — end users have been able […]