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Cloud Broker

Cloud broker or cloud provider? Or both?

Cloud brokers emerged when enterprises began to consider the cloud for more than just storage. Customers have begun adopting cloud for human resources and sales software and unified communications and collaboration, and the cloud broker helps businesses manage and integrate these disparate cloud services. The cloud broker role also is evolving. While many brokers have […]

BrightTalk Presentation

Hybrid IT and the power of Cloud Computing presentation

Still wondering…? On premise? Outsourced? Dedicated? Cloud Computing? Harness the power of Hybrid Cloud for a true all-of-the-above approach to IT infrastructure! With so much focus on – and hype around – the cloud, we seem to have forgotten that for most businesses IT infrastructure remains a mix of on-premise, outsourced, physical and virtual components […]

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Gartner: Half of enterprises will require BYOD by 2017

Corporate-owned devices are losing their luster. That’s the message from Gartner, whose latest forecast indicates that the bring your own device (BYOD) movement is more than just a passing fad. BYOD, which is making iPad sightings in the workplace a common occurrence, will soon become business as usual for a growing number of organizations. About […]

6 Types of Social Customers

6 Types of Social Customers

The companies are investing in Facebook applications, branded communities and blogs; and many are using online monitoring solutions to listen and see what people are saying about the brand.  And, from this perspective, many companies today are doing a decent job. […] As with all marketing, before we can start adopting and effectively using social […]

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Beyond BYOD: A 3 step strategy to mobile-first, enterprise mobility in focus

Mobile is changing the way business gets done today and has proven a game changer in today’s fast-paced, information-driven business climate. But it takes a “mobile-first” strategy to harness its power! This whitepaper excerpt explores why a mobile infrastructure deserves top priority and gives CIOs three winning steps to successfully put mobile first and reap […]

The Business of Social Business

The business of social business: Why enterprise social networking works

Social business (enterprise social networking) represents a new transformational opportunity for organizations. After initial forays into external social media, now many companies discover the value of applying social networking approaches, internally as well as externally. Social business can create valued customer experiences, increase workforce productivity and effectiveness and accelerate innovation. But many companies still wrestle […]

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WebRTC Study – Ten things CIOs should know about the new WebRTC technology

Constellation Research has published it’s latest report and provides a comprehensive guide to the WebRTC technology. WebRTC is an emerging standard that enables real-time voice, video and data sharing in a Web browser without the need for browser plugins. Potentially billions of devices supporting a browser – PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and a host of […]

Cloud Services Datacenter

Top 6 secrets for developing highly effective cloud services

Stratalux, a Los Angeles, cloud-based managed services company, has put a stake in the ground regarding key considerations for cloud operators and cloud providers who are either in the process of moving toward the cloud, or in the process of optimizing the moves they have already made. The company claims that by following these best […]

BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD: Is There a Security Risk?

Embracing a work environment in which employees are able or even encouraged to do company business on their personal phones, tablets, and PCs can improve an organization’s agility and productivity. However, doing so incurs several well-documented risks, not least of which are security breaches. Still, the workforce is increasingly mobile. (In a recent report, Hampshire, […]

Aligning Cloud Infrastructure Within IT Strategy

Aligning cloud infrastructure within your IT strategy

The vast majority of organisations are already or will adopt Cloud Services alongside their existing deployment models, notably on-premise for the foreseeable future. In this keynote, we will explore the principle of implementing, managing and governing why and when cloud is a preferable deployment option and how to manage it alongside your wider IT estate. […]

The Business of Social Business

Is enterprise social media the new UC?

As businesses realise the importance of external social media for customer engagement, many companies are now discovering the value of applying social approaches internally. Unified communications are evolving towards connected, social communications, providing integrated voice, data and video across organisations. How can these ‘social businesses’ encourage idea sharing, foster engagement and ultimately accelerate innovation? Click […]

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Enterprises develop digital strategies, IT spending increases, new CDO title emerging

It’s been a long time coming, but all the recent spending figures and predictions have been pointing to this. According to a recent survey by Gartner, nearly 80% of enterprises indicated an upcoming increase in IT, while more than half have a digital strategy in place to direct enterprise spending. IT Spending, Optimism If you’ve been […]

Firefox OS Fast, Smart, Safer

New Firefox OS will enhance SaaS security

As the business world moves towards client computing, Mozilla has promised to address issues like security with a free, cloud-sourced operating system that should make it easier to deploy SaaS apps. Mozilla is best known for Firefox, the browser. Now it’s extending its reach into the mobile phone and tablet space with a freeware operating […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can increase employee productivity and contentment

Every supervisor, manager, or HR officer knows that a content employee is a productive employee. So in this regard many companies implement some form of employee recognition and awarding scheme to facilitate productivity and contentment, and also add some bit of healthy competition –which we know for a fact does not always mean friendly. But […]

Mobility rises as PC market darkens (PC sales slump deepens in Q1 2013)

IMAGE – In this Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, a woman walks past laptop computers running Microsoft Windows 8 operating system during its launching ceremony in Hong Kong. Photo: Kin Cheung Research firm IDC says PC global shipments of PCs fell 14 percent in the first three months this year. The appeal of tablets and smartphones […]