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Cristian-Mihai 2014


Hi! My name is Cristian-Mihai Apostol, I’m a 36 years old accomplished IT professional and proud to have gained +14 years of experience with innovative and complex projects and technologies for businesses with main drives on correct architecture, productivity and value. I am also passionate about new ideas and developments in the field of computers and communication technologies and Internet.

I’ve started my “promoted” activity as technology consultant well back (more than 10 years ago) when I realized that this label has been almost “forced” onto me by friends, colleagues and also clients, based on my very broad IT experience gained. I was the “man with an answer” to many questions from so many technology fields, but also, and not being modest about it now, the man with the correct answer almost all the time I was being asked something. I have to confess also that one of my best friends (with which I also grew up) in this was and still is Google, by my “hidden talent” resided always in “knowing how to search” and also doing it very fast when solving problems or answering questions.

Started  this professional blog about one year ago (2013) from the need to share and communicate, and when I have the time, I write and also collect, edit and publish here interesting articles found online about trends, best practices and new technologies from the areas of my expertise.

Also, this activity was at the base of my technical/enterprise IT solution architect career, from my passion for technology and architecture. My specialities as a solution architect, technology consultant, analyst, developer and integrator are ranging from the fields of IP Telephony and VoIP, Unified Messaging, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Enterprise Mobile Communications, BYOD, Enterprise Social Networking, Enterprise Productivity Applications, Analytics, Big Data & Business Intelligence, Virtualization Technology, Cloud Computing and Hosted as-a-Service Solutions.

Below, a short list of my professional skills:

  • Technology Architecture and Integration, IT Delivery and Project Management, Budgeting and Cost Control, IT Risk Management and Security
  • SMB/SME IT strategy and consulting, planning and optimization, working with best practices to achieve the business objectives through correct IT systems integration
  • Technical solutions strategy, planning and optimization, having broad technological (hardware, software and communications) understanding and expertise
  • Strategic analysis and consulting, methodical and systematical approach to planning, organizing and implementing technology solutions for businesses and enterprises
  • Business objectives-focused management skills in fields such as solution strategy, development, delivery, change, operation and support for IT projects of any size
  • Broad IT & Telecom business domain knowledge and understanding, easily adaptable to new technologies and developments with very fast learning and understanding cycle
  • Relationship management skills with decision-makers, stakeholders, sponsors, supporters, users and customers, technology suppliers, vendors and partners

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