6 Types of Social Customers

The companies are investing in Facebook applications, branded communities and blogs; and many are using online monitoring solutions to listen and see what people are saying about the brand.  And, from this perspective, many companies today are doing a decent job.


As with all marketing, before we can start adopting and effectively using social media, we need to first understand who the social customers are.  Once we understand the different types of  behaviors around each social customer, can we begin developing successful social strategies.

Highlighted below, are the 6 types of social customers Michael Bistro encourages us to be thinking about:

  1. The Venting Customer
  2. The Passive Customer
  3. The “Used-to-Be” Customer
  4. The Collaborative Customer
  5. The Customer Advocate
  6. The Future Customer

When planning your next social media activity, start by understanding your consumers’ natural behavior on social media, along with the technology , and how they work in the offline world to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Hands down, the most successful activity on social media taps into customers’ natural behavior.

Learn more about the 6 types of social customers by visiting Michael Bistro’s blog, Social Business.