Is enterprise social media the new UC?

As businesses realise the importance of external social media for customer engagement, many companies are now discovering the value of applying social approaches internally. Unified communications are evolving towards connected, social communications, providing integrated voice, data and video across organisations. How can these ‘social businesses’ encourage idea sharing, foster engagement and ultimately accelerate innovation?

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About the Social Business Summit

In this summit, the experts are sharing the proven results that can be achieved from integrating social approaches into your everyday tools as well as answer the questions that matter to you most.

How social is your business? As businesses realise the value of external social media, many companies are now exploring the benefits posed by internal social approaches. In this summit, leading experts will share the proven results of social business, including valuable customer experiences, increased workforce productivity and engagement and accelerated innovation, as well as the steps you need to take to easily integrate social into your everyday tools.


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