Key components for a succesfull UCC adoption

There are several components of UCC that need to be addressed in order to have an effective UCC strategy, including the following:

Communications infrastructure

Some organizations have a very well-established communications infrastructure, including both the network and the telephony plant within the organization, and are very well suited to a unified communications solution. Other organizations may have to enhance their infrastructure in order to support unified communications. They may need to provide better network support. In some cases organizations will have to completely replace some of their infrastructure or provide better support for branch offices. The infrastructure piece of the puzzle, however, must be well-established for UCC to succeed.

Real-Time Communications

The hallmark of UCC is a real- time communications system. Providing presence indicators and an instant-messaging capability is really the next evolution of communications, and this is where a lot of effort goes in to providing the infrastructure to support UCC.

Unified Messaging

Perhaps this is the most advanced capability of an existing enterprise messaging system, but it’s one that provides a lot of significant value to the organization.

Telephony Integration

Integrating with telephony and the telephony systems that are in place within an organization is an important UCC characteristic. Leveraging an existing  PBX system, or possibly IP telephony system, is important to getting the most value out of it rather than ripping it out and replacing it.

Security and Management

Some organizations have very stringent compliance requirements in order for them to be able to communicate within their organization and with customers and business partners. Being able to ensure that the environment supports their business needs and their requirements is an important aspect. Also important is managing the environment, providing the correct level of capabilities and experience to the end-user base.

LOB integration

Probably the highest level of business value from UCC comes through the integration of line of business (LOB) systems. Integrating business data into UCC solutions and making them actionable is really the nirvana for the business operations.